Loop’s beta is open. The most adaptable payment system is here. 🔥

What is Loop again?

Loop is a protocol that enables crypto autopay. Transactions in web3 are pushes. Users initiate each send. This means every time your customer wants to make a payment, they need to return to your website, locate your wallet address, and then click send. For the individual user, this is annoying, but for multi-sig wallets, it is unsustainable when you need to coordinate multiple signers every pay period.

What have we built?

For web3 to get there, it needs to not only be 10x better but also meet people where they are. The road to this future comes in steps, and the best solutions adapt to the present but are built for a fundamentally better future. This vision coupled with understanding the needs of our customers has informed what we are building today.

Who should join our beta?

1) Subscription businesses that need a full payments suite for accepting and managing crypto payments

Sample web3 subscription businesses
Sample web3 applications requiring autopay



⚒️ Seamlessly automate on-chain crypto payments.

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